Letterboxing at Marine Landing
Impression of Marine Landing stamp

On June 4, 2004, with the assistance of Jenna McGuire, I planted the first Marine Landing letterbox. Since this is a small well cared-for property, there aren't that many good spots, but we found several which could be made to work.

PLEASE READ: This letterbox has been temporarily withdrawn.

In its present location with the temporary storage of some boats in front of it, it wasn't safe for the girls to get it.

The stamp is being fixed (it needed a little work anyway), and the box and stamp will be replaced in a new location at Marine Landing as soon as possiible.

Directions (now obsolete)

  1. Begin at the main entrance to Marine Landing.
  2. Walk along the building to where the thing in the title of "The Star-Spangled Banner" usually flies.
  3. Walk along the boards toward the thing with the same name as what you do when you go from Daisy Girl Scouts to Brownie Girl Scouts. Go around the round corner to the fence.
  4. Walk to the nearest corner of the building.
  5. Walk along the building toward the road until you see a large metal structure (used to store boats).
  6. The side toward the building -- away from the road -- has two large rectangular holes in its base. Your goal is in the farthest one from you.
Bob Prager